We made this campaign 2 months before the Brussels bombings on March 22nd 2016. We have decided to keep sharing this as a symbol against terrorism. Because we will never give up our fundamental values of openness and tolerance.


Tourist visits went down after Brussels was linked to the terror attacks in Paris. So Visit Brussels needed to reassure the tourists. The idea was to get people in Brussels to show that the city is safe.

With this campaign, people from all over the world could discover with their own eyes and ears that it is safe to come to Brussels, even to Molenbeek.


From 7 January to 11 January, 12,688 phone calls were made from 154 countries. The core target was only the neighbouring countries but the campaign exceeded our attempts and engaged people from everywhere: United States, Japan, Brazil and even Australia.

The hashtag #CallBrussels was used all over the world and became the most popular hashtag in Belgium at its launch. The campaign was massively spread by the press and social media (more than 32.8 million impressions) and was tested -and approved- by The Washington Post.

On Facebook, the video of the campaign collected 2.4 million views, 17K shares and 1.9K comments.