Cap48 is Belgium’s most famous charity, which dedicates itself to the integration of disabled people in order to open the public’s mind and change views on disability. This year, Cap48 decided to honour those who often tend to be forgotten when it comes to disability: the mothers of disabled children. As they’re often forced to put their own life on hold to take care of their child, they never get a break. LIFE FOR THE MOTHER OF A DISABLED CHILD IS AN EXTREME SPORT. To create public awareness for their hectic lifestyle, Cap48 launched a project: Follow 24 hours in the life of the mother of a disabled child. We broadcast parts of Stéphanie (the mother) and Johana’s (her daughter with multiple disabilities) day on television, showing them doing ordinary, day-to-day activities. All sequences were recorded with GoPro cameras to reflect the signature cinematography typically used for extreme sports. To direct these commercials, Cap48 turned to Mitch Bergsma. This Texan was born deaf, is a YouTube guru as well as a professional wakeboarder. What is more, he asks his mum to join him on all his journeys.